Gourmet meals complemented by freshly ground coffee

Delight your senses with Bennachie Coffee at the Strong Water Co. 

Freshly brewed coffee, is an essential accompaniment to finish off a good meal. There is something relaxing and satisfying in having a great quality coffee adding a pleasant aroma to the room. The smell of freshly ground coffee is loved by most people. The pause in the meal while the coffee sits and brews for a few minutes, is at times, mesmerising.

There are of course numerous ways to brew coffee. Many people start off with the easy to use coffee press, or cafetière as it is also known. This brew method delivers a full bodied mouth feel to the finished cup. For others, they prefer the clean and crisp finish which a drip filter style coffee brewer delivers, such as a Hario V60 Glass Coffee Brewing Set. For others the intensity of an espresso, is what they look for.

When ordering from the Strong Water Co., make sure to add a bag of Bennachie Coffee to your order. There are several options available.





The 60g bags are the latest addition to our offering. This is the ideal size for most large cafetiere’s and also for standard filter coffee machines.

Brew method for cafetière

Pour in 1000mL of off the boil (not boiling) water to fill the cafetière up to roughly 5cm from the top. Let the coffee brew for 4-6 minutes then stir the top ‘crust’ layer to allow the coffee to fall to the bottom. Insert the plunger and gently push down. Pour, share and enjoy.

Top Tips

  • • Freshly ground coffee is essential.
  • • Heat your cafetière with hot water before use.
  • • Avoid sediment in your cup by not plunging all the way to the bottom.
  • • Only push ¾ of the way down.•
  • Pouring slowly will also reduce the sediment in your cup.
  • • Did you know, you can also use your cafetière to make cold brew. Simply follow the same process above but using cold water instead and leave it in the fridge for 12-14 hours before plunging and decanting.
  • • If you are having difficulty pushing the plunger of the cafetière down, stop pushing and pull slightly upwards, then continue pushing down.

What I find wonderful about coffee is the versatility which it has. Different flavours and aromas are drawn out on different brewing methods. Having a selection of coffee kit in the home means you can pick and choose your brewing method depending on what you feel like at the time. So all that is left to do, is to sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee. We hope you enjoy your Bennachie Coffee as much as we do.