How to make cafetière coffee

If you have ever wondered what is the easiest way to make coffee, then this has to be it.  The cafetière, French press or plunger as it is often called is a very quick and simple brewing method.

Step 1
Put the kettle on.  

Step 2
Ensure the cafetière is clean and free of any old coffee particles.  Use this as an opportunity to pre heat the cafetière. 

Step 3
Grind your coffee to a coarse grind setting (similar to a granulated sugar or rock salt size).

Step 4
Weight out your coffee; roughly 60g (or 8 heaped dessert spoons) of coffee to 1 litre of water.

Step 5
When the coffee is in the cafetière, slowly pour in the hot water (not boiling) to about half way.   Let the coffee sit for a few seconds and watch the changes - this is called blooming.  If you prefer, give it a stir at this point, or simply swirl it around the cafetière.  Then fill it up to below the spout and place the lid/plunger on top.

Step 6
Wait about 5 minutes to allow the coffee to infuse in the water.

Step 7
Slowly push down the plunger and stop before pushing the coffee grinds at the bottom.

Step 8
Pour the full bodied brew into your favourite mug.

Step 9
If you can wait a few minutes, take the opportunity to clean out the cafetière.  Remember the coffee grinds are packed full of nutrients which are good for composting and helping some plants to grow.

Step 10
Sit back, relax and enjoy.