Q. How long until my coffee arrives?
A. We aim to post your order out as soon as possible. Orders are normally collected by Royal Mail, or courier, within 3-5 days.  If there happens to be an issue with your purchase, please get in touch with us directly, quoting your order number and we will assist you.

Q. Can you deliver coffee every week?
A. Yes, we provide coffee to homes, coffee houses, hotels, restaurants and commercial caterers. Please ensure your shipping address is correct at time of purchase.

Q. Do you do subscriptions so I can have a bag of coffee every week?
A. We will soon be launching a subscription service so you'll always have great tasting, freshly roasted coffee.  Please use the contact page to let us know you are interested.

Q. Do you do international shipments?
A. Yes our coffees have already gone international.  Please contact us directly for the best rates.

Q. Should I buy whole bean or ground coffee?
A. If you are looking to maximise freshness, coffee should be ground moments before brewing.  Therefore it is best to buy whole coffee beans and grind them using a burr grinder. See our accessories page for a range of manual and electric burr grinders  

Q. What is a burr grinder?
A. A burr grinder (imagine a pepper mill) is a conical shape grinder which grinds coffee into uniform particle sizes.  Unlike a grinder which only has a blade and can not ensure an even consistency.  Always choose a burr grinder for your coffee.