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If you want to offer your customers exceptional and memorable coffee experiences, you have come to the right place.

With Bennachie Coffee, you’ll get ethically sourced, high-quality wholesale coffee beans in flexible amounts. We also have eco-friendly practices and offer dedicated support from a passionate family-run business.

wholesale coffee from bennachie coffee

Coffee Beans 1Kg

Ethically sourced, 100% Arabica coffee from Central and South America and carefully roasted in the UK, delivered by our Scottish family business near Bennachie, in the North East of Scotland.

Coffee Beans 1kg wholesale coffee

Seasonal House Blend

This blend is versatile and can cater to various tastes. It combines Central and South American coffees to create a smooth cup of coffee with peach and deep chocolate notes. 

The balanced and approachable flavour profile makes it suitable for various brewing methods, from espresso to batch brewing.

The Seasonal House Blend is ideal for:

Cafes and Coffee Shops: Its versatility means it can appeal to a diverse customer base, offering a reliable and popular option for daily coffee drinkers.

Farm Shops and Delicatessens: The blend's pleasing flavour profile can attract customers looking for a well-rounded coffee to complement their shopping experience.

Food Halls and Bars: Its broad appeal makes it suitable for venues that want to offer a consistently delicious coffee.

seasonal blend coffee beans 1kg

Highland Blend

The Highland Blend offers a medium roast with a well-balanced flavour profile of caramel and milk chocolate and a bright citrus note. This blend provides a distinct and memorable taste experience that can stand out. 

It's particularly well-suited for

Hotels and Restaurants: The balanced and flavourful profile makes it an excellent choice for hotel breakfast offerings and restaurant coffee menus, satisfying various preferences.

Bars, Distilleries and Cafes: The Highland Blend's unique flavour combination can attract customers seeking a coffee that's a step above the ordinary for the refined coffee palette.

Independent Delicatessens and Farm Shops: Its unique flavour notes can make it a talking point among customers, adding an element of intrigue to the shopping experience - shoppers will return time and time again for this coffee.

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Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans 1kg

In our opinion, this is the best decaf coffee bean around!

The Swiss Water Process Decaf is a standout choice for those seeking decaffeinated coffee beans that don't compromise on flavour. With notes of roasted peanut and milk chocolate, it offers a smooth and sweet profile that defies the notion that decaf can't be delicious. 

This option suits

Offices: Providing quality decaf is essential for workplaces where employees seek caffeine-free choices. It tastes like authentic coffee without the caffeine hit. 

Hotels and Restaurants: Meeting the needs of patrons who prefer or require decaf is crucial for offering a comprehensive coffee menu.

Farm Shops and Food Halls: Catering to health-conscious customers or those looking to reduce caffeine intake can help diversify your product offerings.

Wholesale coffee suppliers bennachie coffee

Each of our three coffee options provides a unique flavour profile and appeal that can cater to the preferences of various customers.

The Seasonal House Blend offers versatility, the Highland Blend presents a distinctive taste, and the Swiss Water Decaf provides a high-quality decaffeinated option that tastes like coffee.

These coffees can enhance the offerings of your independent delicatessen, cafe, coffee shop, farm shop, bar, distillery, food hall, office, hotel, and restaurant by providing variety, quality, and an exceptional coffee experience.

We deliver boxes of coffee 6 X 1kg - and you can mix and match a selection of the three coffees. Or we can deliver 20 bags of the 250-gram bags in a box. 

Each of our three coffee options provides a unique flavour profile and appeal that can cater to the preferences of various customers.


Why choose artisan speciality whole bean coffee from Bennachie Coffee?

✅ An ethical, family-run coffee company
✅ Commitment to Quality
✅ Depth of flavour
✅ Diverse coffee selection
✅ An outstanding decaf coffee bean option
✅ Speciality Grade coffee
✅ Eco-friendly recycled packaging
✅ Great tastes and aromas

    Wholesale Pricing and Support:

    Bennachie Coffee provides wholesale pricing and support, making it convenient for businesses to source quality coffee supplies at competitive prices. Talk to us today, and we'll provide a high-quality product for your bulk coffee order at an exceptional price. We very much reward our return customers, who are part of the wider Bennachie Coffee family.

    We love supporting local small businesses, which is why we became coffee wholesale suppliers.

    See what our satisfied customers say:

    GlenDronach Dilstillery -
    “We’ve been receiving some really great reviews for your coffee. Most people who try it tend to purchase a bag, which is great!”
    Anne -
    “Its freshness, great aroma, and tastes even better!”
    Ben -
    “Fantastic coffee. The house blend is always great, and the new Highland blend is smooth and delicious. Friendly service and fast delivery, I may never buy coffee from anywhere else.”

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